Enhanced Load Tester – Can your site handle the holiday load?

The holiday season is racing towards us quickly and the biggest question you should be asking is, “Is my website ready for the super surge in traffic?” Last years busy shopping season saw sales online on the busiest day of nearly $2,000,000,000 and experts are forecasting an 18% increase this year. So, are you ready, really ready to take full advantage of this e-commerce bonanza?


Monitis has an enhance Web Load Tester that will help you test your site and see how it will react under increasing loads of traffic. As the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared!” Don’t suffer the fate of other retailers by not preparing and testing well in advance. Over the past few years we have seen site crashes from big names such as; Toys”R”us, Urban Outfitters,, Crate and Barrel, Nordstroms, Barnes and Nobles, Crutchfields and way to many more. This is a hall of shame you do not want your company being included in.


With the enhanced Load Tester tool you can determine for yourself how much stress you want to test for. You determine how many simultaneous service requests you think you will be getting, you determine where you want the test to be run from and you determine how long you want to run the test. This way you can see not only direct impacts but also regionalized performance and the impact of long duration loads. Protect yourself and your business by preparing for your upcoming site loads and test, test and retest. Be sure you wow your customers and blow away your competition.


In the report below you can clearly see how the Load Tester placed simulated traffic onto the site, ramping up over a 2 minute period, and reaching a test load of 150 simultaneous users on the site. It is clear in the report that as the traffic volume increases on this sample website the time to load pages is increasing dramatically, and well beyond an acceptable range.


Report 1



In the second report, below, you can definitively see that once the load simulation has reached it’s predefined peak the number of “not okays” increases tremendously and the number of “okays” diminishes proportionately. This is an indication that your users will be seeing error messages instead of being shopping on your site. This kind of performance would be beyond bad, it would be catastrophic!


Report 2




By using the Web Load Tester you can determine in advance the maximum traffic your website can handle and the quality of service you will be providing. This tool allows you load your site up with simulated traffic and accurately see how this increase will affect your full page build times. It is a known fact that the longer it takes for a page to load has a direct correlation to sales and customer satisfaction, or more accurately, a lose of sales and customer dissatisfaction if it gets too slow.


The full breath of reports that you will receive after the test will include; summary performance, virtual connection count and performance, average OK response times, response time histogram and time distribution (inclusive of bandwidth and throughput). Whether you perform a load test with 100 simultaneous users or 20,000, you will “be prepared” and you will know what kind of traffic you and your site are ready for, your break points and what you need to do to improve.


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