Ecosystem App Made for the Cloud

On a tech blog, I read a good explanation of the promise of the cloud in providing a home for software ecosystems, and I thought I’d share.

The idea is that cloud hosting providers like Amazon provide a sort of global workbench on which software vendors can integrate quickly – even without having explicit business relationships. All of the cloud quick-start products are fully integrated and running, as we speak, in the Amazon cloud. And integration is available for anyone who has an account with Amazon.

The author said that what makes the cloud unique in its capacity to house software ecosystems is not the individual bits of software running in some dark data center. Rather, it’s that, for the first time, it’s a relative snap to integrate relatively complex software and make the resulting combined solution available to anyone who wants to use them.

Without the cloud, this would be pretty difficult. Why?

Take for example the elements of the cloud quickstart program, which integrates products from four enterprise software companies, WaveMaker, RightScale, IBM and Amazon. (The blog also mentioned an ecosystem for cloud business intelligence recently launched that features RightScale, Jaspersoft, Talend and Vertica.) First, you would have to obtain software licenses from each vendor, then you’d need to find a place to install them all, and then you’d have to figure out how to integrate them.

This could take months.

Sounds like another convincing reason for cloud computing to me!

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