Ecommerce Monitoring – Why, What and How part 1


The questions are always the same when it comes to monitoring your network; why to monitor, what to monitor and how to monitor. These are important questions for all networks but uniquely so for ecommerce companies. Ecommerce has been an evolving and exploding way of doing business and even during the challenges of the world economic crisis this one segment has continued to display an amazing growth rate.  Business after business moved away from relying solely on customers walking into their stores to buy products and instead they mined for them online and not just in their historical markets but were able to expand into the global market. Twenty years ago ecommerce was virtually nonexistent due to a number of reasons; limited internet access by the general public, nonexistent platforms and the lack of ability to perform online transactions in a secure way.  During the past 20 years this has all changed and this business revenue path has had wondrous success in maintaining annual growth rates that are well above the traditional. By 2012 the ecommerce business platform generated in excess of one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000.00) in gross revenues and this is expected to increase by 18% in 2013.  In the tables below you can see the just how staggering the numbers are for ecommerce around the globe.


shoppers b

Ave Sale B

top 5 B


So how important is it that your website is up and functioning at optimum levels? How important is it that your client’s transactions go through easily and swiftly? The answer should is obvious. Your customers come to you to make purchases and if your site is down or is slow, they get frustrated and head off to shop online at your competitors. This isn’t just a missed opportunity, it is a missed sale, measurable lost revenues and in all probability they won’t return and thus you also sacrifice future sales.  A mere 1 second delay under optimum performance reflects itself in 11% fewer page visits and the loss of 7% of your annual gross revenues. If your business does 15 million dollars annually in gross sales that single second of your site not performing well just cost you over 1 million dollars in lost sales. The criticality of this could not be clearer. So now you know why you need to monitor and monitor smartly. Optimize your monitoring and you optimize your revenues.

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