Dockers Caught With Their Pants Down

The Superbowl is watched every year by over 90 million viewers, making it the most viewed sporting event in America and an extremely attractive venue for launching advertising campaigns.  A single thirty-second advertisement during Superbowl XLIV cost about $3.01 million, or $100,000 per second!  That’s a huge investment for most companies, so it’s crucial that everything goes smoothly.  During the second quarter, Dockers ran an ad showing grown men strolling around a prairie in their underwear singing “I wear no pants!”  to announce that they’re giving away thousands of free pants and directed viewers to to participate.

As you can imagine hoards of viewers who wanted free pants, myself included, immediately bombarded the website.  It went down within ten seconds.   I searched twitter to see what people were saying about Dockers and saw 50 or so tweets mentioning the website’s downtime.  A few minutes later it was 50,000 tweets!  The site was back up a few minutes later, but in those minutes, tens of thousands more users tweeted negative comments like, “ is still down. Fail.” and “Very disappointed..SB Commercial 4 Dockers…site was down. Did they prepare for all the traffic?”

Lesson learned for Dockers: make sure your website can handle the traffic you paid $3.01 million for.  Imagine the millions of pants-loving leads that gave up trying to access moments after that ad.  And the many thousands that got a negative impression of Dockers.

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