Cloud Skeptics: Step Up

Cloud Skeptics: Step Up

Pro-Clouders to Debate with Skeptics

Know any cloud skeptics in your circle of friends and professional associates that would be okay with sharing their views with the world?

Cloud expert and fellow blogger Phil Wainewright is staging something called the “Summer Slam 2010,” a webcast in which organizer Appirio, a cloud integrator, Wainewright and others will debate  the future of the public cloud. Some questions they’ll consider: “Will companies move 100% to the public cloud?  How will companies handle SaaS silos? Are hybrid cloud environments the end game? What is the public cloud’s biggest limitation to widespread adoption?”

This event is a follow-up to Waineright’s Forecasting Fisticuffs webinar that was held last January and was apparently a huge success, as 2,000 people either attended or listened to the webinar replay. But what Waineright and his buddies are looking for is someone who is a complete skeptic on the promise of the cloud and what it can deliver in terms of revolutionary efficiencies and savings to businesses of all sizes. Do you know someone like that? Well, they’re invited to participate in the webinar debate — which will take place Thursday, Aug. 19th at 10 am Pacific time. Hurry, though, nominations for the biggest cloud skeptic in your life will only be accepted until this Friday, August 8th. Send your nomination via Twitter (Tweet about it using the hashtag #SSLAM2010 or post to Appirio’s Facebook page.

You can also use this link to register for the webinar.

Personally, I’m definitely going to try to attend this, or at least watch the replay. Because, as you can probably guess what I’m about to say: I am surely a cloud enthusiast…not a skeptic, having seen my cloud-based monitoring business take off in leaps and bounds, and listening to the growing din of enthusiasm of my client base for moving apps and data onto the cloud — not just to save money but also (for smaller clients) to gain greater IT resources than they could ever leverage themselves. So, I’m anxious to hear the latest negative viewpoints and dark visions.

Frankly, this optimism among my client base is one of the reasons we keep innovating and enhancing our monitoring tools.  For example, Monitis just now this week is rolling out new video tutorials to guide users through setting up each type of monitor. The videos are located under the Resources tab of our homepage.  One of the videos is for Full Page Load monitoring, which has been a huge hit since we added it to our services a few weeks ago. It allows users to analyze how objects in their webpage are loading in real browsers in different parts of the world and identify bottlenecks. This is an extremely important measure for understanding user experience, as studies have shown that even a slight lag in load time can cause a noticeable drop in viewership and sales.

So, if cloud-based services, such as full-page load monitoring, can help companies reduce leakage in viewership and sales, and we can prove it, I find it hard to swallow skepticism about that!