Cloud Role Growing in Asia

Cloud Role Growing in Asia

Philippine Cloud Advisors

In this blog, at various times, I’ve talked about the fascination that Asia holds — not just for its culture and booming business climate, but also for its growing embrace of the Cloud.

I’m not just talking about China, Japan and Korea — the hotspots of Asian business — but also The Philippines. I recently saw an article that — in a very simple but effective way — explained the benefits of the Cloud as an IT outsourcing model to Philippino readers, pointing such advantages as:

– pay what you actually use — versus spending gobs of money on servers and software updates internally;

– data can be stored on the Cloud, freeing up space on internal servers;

– business applications can be run via the Cloud, extending usage to more employees or customers worldwide, and again, using up less resources internally.

The article even addressed the hesitancy on the part of some companies to embrace the cloud due to fears of data loss. ” We are slowly becoming dependent on cloud computing from a consumer side and don’t even realize it,” said Lani De Leon,  marketing and communications director for Philippines-based GlobalOne, an IT consulting firm. “If you have used e-mail services from Yahoo! or Gmail, used Google apps to create documents or shared photos online via flickr, photobucket, then you are already using cloud computing.”

Every time I read an article like this, I’m hopeful that more and more organizations will come to see the usefulness of the Cloud and overcome their security fears. They should also feel better knowing that there are sophisticated providers of monitoring services out there, like Monitis, with international tracking stations, that can reassure them with 24/7 tracking of everything from web traffic to cloud platform up-time.