Cloud Can Grow Your Business Faster

Cloud Can Grow Your Business Faster

Can I sell more lemonade on the Cloud?

Are you a small business person with responsibility for IT? And have you been considering switching to cloud data and app resources as a way to grow your business faster?

Well, here’s some encouraging testimony on how the cloud can do just that from Jimmy Harris, Managing Director of Cloud Computing at consultancy Accenture. I came across this in an article about how cloud computing is really all about outsourcing.

Harris said that, particularly for small and mid-sized companies, cloud services are ideal as a way to speeding up going to market, for example, introducing new services or products or expanding the scope of business.

He noted that Accenture is working with clients, using the notion of  cloud-enabled “minimum business infrastructure,” enabling businesses to set up operations in a new geography quickly. Other benefits: better integration of a supply chain and deploying cloud-based services into a mobile environment more quickly.

“So even while we’re still somewhat early on with this, it’s easy to see how the availability of a set of standard services being acquired and deployed more rapidly could speed products and services to market and also to new geographies and segments more quickly,” said Harris.

I certainly agree with his vision of the cloud as an enabler of growing your business, and I’d add my two cents worth: back up your cloud hopes and dreams with a system of monitoring how everything from your service provider platform (e.g. AWS) to cloud-based servers andnetworks perform.

And as the holiday season approaches, you’ll want to know if your web customers are able to access and easily navigate your site. It’s called transaction monitoring. Remember, the competition is just a click away.

The great thing about monitoring is that if a problem arises, such as denial of service or an outage, you get notified — quickly and through a variety of ways, for example, email, instant messages, phone, URL callback and other methods.

Dreaming of expanding your business via cloud services? Take the plunge, but have a safety plan in place with monitoring services.