Citrix Online Adds IT Management

If you’re familiar with Citrix Online, you know they’ve got a suite of SaaS and cloud-based applications that enable companies to do things like arrange on-the-spot meetings online (GoToMeeting). Another example: Consumers and business travelers can use Citrix Online to access their home or office computers (GoToMyPC).

Now, it looks like Citrix has a new service, GoToManage. In January, it bought Menlo Park, CA-based IT management vendor Paglo Labs, which offers a cloud search engine for IT and logs. This enables users and managed service providers to capture and store logs and search and analyze them in the cloud by collecting data from networked devices.

While I don’t usually write about competitors (Paglo lets businesses monitor servers and applications in real time and manage network usage and track configuration changes), I think it’s interesting that Citrix Online continues to recognize the growing need among companies to monitor and manage their cloud databases, apps, servers and networks.

Citrix Online introduced GoToAssist, Web-based remote support, about 10 years ago. To cater to individuals and small businesses, it created GoToAssist Express last year. But GoToManage gives GoToAssist customers new capabilities.

“This is exactly what is needed if you have distributed infrastructure,” said Brian de Haaff, Paglo’s CEO, in a story about the new service. With GoToManage, “MSPs and IT consultants can get a unified view of multiple companies’ IT infrastructures and offer proactive monitoring and alerting, while also offering remote access, file transfer capabilities and customer branding and reports.”

I also found it interesting that Citrix Online surveyed its customers and more than 60% wanted some form of monitoring solution.

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