Cisco, NetApp and VMware Collaborate for a More Secure Cloud

To take advantage of the rising number of companies embracing virtual data centers, Cisco, NetApp and VMware are ramping up their collaboration with new design architectures to help customers make virtualized data centers more efficient, dynamic and secure.

The three technology companies have unveiled an end-to-end Secure Multi-tenancy Design Architecture that enhances security in the cloud. How does that work, you might ask? The architecture isolates the IT resources and applications of different clients, business units or departments that share a common IT infrastructure.  The three companies are also offering dedicated support to help customers quickly build a unified, virtual infrastructure.

In a CNN article, Tom Georgens, president and CEO of NetApp, said: “Our visions are aligned around the concept of a dynamic data center that will be the foundation of cloud computing and that will enable enterprises, integrators and service providers to deliver IT as a service [ITaaS]. In this scenario, IT becomes a dynamic asset that is more efficient and can better adapt to changing business needs. This new era of IT has stringent infrastructure requirements that our companies are ready to meet today — together.”

So what is Secure Multi-tenancy Design Architecture anyway? Well, in plain language, it’s an end-to-end system architecture that isolates IT resources for greater security in virtual and enterprise cloud environments used by more than one department in a company or by multiple companies. Specifically, the design helps customers, systems integrators and service providers develop internal and external cloud services that isolate clients, business units, departments or security zones for beefed-up security across computing, networking, storage and management layers. The companies’ new Secure Multi-tenancy Design Architecture offers details about implementing and configuring the architecture, and it provides best practices for building and managing best-in-class solutions.

Bottom line: IT administrators have a new way to establish the right quality of service for each resource layer and to deliver consistent service levels for applications in each of those layers.

Support is Key

As part of their announcement, Cisco, NetApp and VMware also unveiled worldwide 24/7 support, which enables customers to get quick answers identifying and solving “potential issues” related to solutions used in the new architecture.

Support is one key concern that IT folks and end users have around cloud computing, along with security. So, I think that this feature, combined with the new ability to provide a more secure virtual computing environment, will add shine to the companies’ overall offering.

It’s good to see that cloud and virtualization solution providers are investing more in support and security features for their products. When I talk with current and prospective clients, these themes are very important.

Indeed, that’s why many of them turn to cloud-based services such as transaction, server, network and website monitoring.

As part of this collaboration, also introduced a global 24-hour cooperative support model. This model offers customers a more streamlined response from Cisco, NetApp and VMware to identify and solve potential issues related to the solutions used in the Secure Multi-tenancy Design Architecture. This saves customers’ time and resources when they request product and technology support.

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