Check your site before you wreck your site. New Load Testing video.

Whether you manage an eCommerce site, SaaS, university portal, or web app, load testing is extremely important for keeping IT managers well rested and users happy. At universities, online registration applications MUST handle the spike in users at the beginning of each semester for chaos not to ensue. If Ecommerce companies are unable to meet holiday peak traffic, even for a few hours, they lose sales and customers. That’s why thousands of organizations rely on Monitis’ Load Testing, an on-demand, easy to use tool for measuring your site’s performance during a spike in traffic.

If you have a Monitis or account, you can use the load testing widget on your dashboard. Otherwise you can use our dedicated load testing dashboard at These all work the same on the back end and give you the same report. To start, simply list the url’s you want to load test. Then select the number of nodes (servers) you want to point to the urls. You can select up to five nodes. Now select the number of connections, or virtual users, per node, up to 2000. Next specify the duration of the test, in minutes. If you select “Include embedded resources,” each visit will load the entire webpage in a real browser. Otherwise each visit waits for an HTTP response.

Once you have these parameters set, you’ll see a price quote calculated using the parameters you’ve set. You’re ready to add funds to your account and load test. When your test is complete, we’ll email you a report that shows how your site(s) faired during each minute of the test. You can also do an Advanced HTTP test for a site that requires basic authentication. Monitis also offers Database load testing for MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL database applications, and SOAP load testing.

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