CA Buys Application Performance Specialist NetQoS for $200M

With the increasing reliance on consolidated data centers, virtualization, and cloud computing, network management has become less concerned with the connections between individual network nodes and more concerned with overall application performance management. Network managers must manage not just network infrastructure, but also the performance of network applications.

CA Buys Application Performance Specialist NetQoS for $200MCA Buys Application Performance Specialist NetQoS for $200M

CA Inc.’s acquisition of NetQoS Inc., a vendor of network and application performance tool, for $200 million clearly anticipates this trend.

Abner Germanow, IDC research director, says the CA aims to give enterprises a more holistic view of the network, something that traditionally hasn’t been handled by network management tools. A network manager’s toolset looks rather like a carpenter’s toolbox, Germanow says, with different tools for different users. NetQoS completes CA’s already respectable toolbox, he says, by adding more functionality such as the ability to manage WAN connections. This will make CA’s view of the network more application-centric, he says.

CA’s Wily family of application performance management tools has a solid reputation in the field. Unfortunately, CA’s products provide more data-oriented views of performance rather than application-oriented views. To best understand the performance of distributed and outsourced resources, such as cloud services, an organization requires both data-oriented and application-oriented views.