Blog Summary Week of August 7

1: How to Monitor Windows Log Files with PowerShell on Monitis
Lately, Monitis has been blogging a series of ‘how-to’ posts on everything from working with VBScripts to 101 tips to MySQL tuning and optimization. Continuing that tradition, here’s a short post on monitoring the content of log files with PowerShell on Monitis.
Using custom scripts, you can monitor not only numeric metrics but other kind of outcomes as well. This post goes over several examples.

2: More Innovation from Monitis: Smart Agent Perl Installer
We want to improve our monitoring tools constantly. That’s why we’re always posting about new ways to use Monitis or adding new features. This post is about the latest new feature we’ve added, the Monitis Agent Installer for Linux platforms — supported by Monitis Perl library v0.9.

3: Yesterday’s Outage
On Wednesday our portal and dashboard went down for several hours, from about 10am to 4pm Pacific time due to a significant power outage at our Colo4 facility in Dallas, Texas. This is the first significant outage in our company’s history. The good news is that even as the dashboard was inaccessible, monitoring from our global locations continued normally. The outage impacted our main infrastructure at that facility including our portal, dashboard, free service, load tester. We are planning to replicate our infrastructure so that our dashboard will always be accessible even in the most improbable scenarios.

4: Eight Free Tools Every Sysadmin Needs
This post goes over all the free tools offered by Monitis. We describe, our free website and server monitoring service, Instant Ping and Website Checks, our new Traceroute and Page Load tools, and three network calculators. Each of these tools is completely free and with the exception of, can be used without an account.