Blog Summary for Week of September 5

1. Apache and MySQL Logging with Syslog-ng
This article shows how to use the popular system logging tool Syslog-ng to log Apache and MySQL events. Apache does not log via syslog-ng by default so we go over two methods of easily remedying this. We also show how to use SQL queries to view syslog-ng data.

2. Using M3 to take System Monitors to the Next Level
Monitis provides built in functionality to monitor a wide variety of system statistics as well as the ability to create custom system monitors. Monitis Monitor Manager, or M3 for short, allows you to take these custom monitors even further by providing you with a simple framework to use the incredible power of regular expressions to pull and format literally any kind of data and automatically send it over the wire to your Monitis dashboard.

3. How to Log to PostgreSQL with Syslog-ng
Here we show how to use syslog-ng to log and view PostgreSQL log data. We also include some tips on troubleshooting and avoiding annoyances.

4. 30 VMware vSphere Performance Tips
There’s a multitude of optimizations that can be made to make your vSphere setup perform at optimal levels . This article covers 30 tips and tricks that will ensure the best performance from VMware’s vSphere and some even apply to other virtualization products. Some of the highlights are to Use only VMware-compatible hardware and Run your system through a burn-in/stress test.

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