Blog Summary for week of October 3

1. Active Directory Replication Topology
This article is part of the series covering Active Directory. It is about the replication topology. The route replication traffic travels through a network called the Replication Topology. Replication is an important function within Active Directory that for the most part runs automatically. This post describes three aspects of Replication Topology: Replication of Partitions, Site Links, and Inter Site Topology Generator.

2. Monitor Everything with Monitis – And do it easily with PowerShell – Part 4
This is part 4 of a series on the Monitis PowerShell Module, which is built on top of the Monitis REST API. This article is about monitoring web applications. Here’s a command for monitoring web applications: Get-Help Add-MonitisExternalMonitor –parameter PostData. PostData sends additional data for the web request, and from this, one can test web applications. For instance, for a search page, one can use –PostData to send the appropriate information to the page. Another parameter, -Credential, stores a credential for the request, and another –OverSsl, will force the request to occur over SSL. Here’s a quick example of a monitor for a custom search engine:
Add-MonitisExternalMonitor -Name “SearchEngineMonitor” -Tag “MySites” -MonitorType http -PostData “q=hello+world” -url “”

3. Planning your next vacation with Monitis
This article shows how to use the Monitis Monitor Manager to extract data from webpages and determine when to take your next vacation or monitor your number of Twitter followers. With a simple call you can use Twitter’s json API to get information about a Twitter user. M3 allows you to extract the “followers_count” every hour. Another set of commands shows how to extract and graph stock price information using Yahoo Finance’s API and M3. The article also shows how to use’s API to extract hotel price information and graph it in Monitis with M3. This lets you know when hotel prices dip so you can reserve the cheapest room. You can also monitor the USD to EUR exchange rate to help you decide when to travel.