Blog Summary for Week of October 24

Blog Summary for Week of October 241. Monitoring Performance on MongoDB – Mongo Basics
MongoDB is one of the most popular non-relational databases. It’s quite fast and scalable, and stores data in documents and collections instead of rows and tables. This article shows the basics of monitoring MongoDB. It’s really not much different from monitoring a relational database. MongoDB offers a useful HTTP Console that you can make REST calls to. It returns JSON responses that tell you information like uptime, master and slave info, outstanding cursors, etc. The next post will go into more detail.

2. GFI Software Reaches Further into the Cloud with Monitis Acquisition
The Monitis team is very happy to announce that they’ve been acquired by GFI Software! Monitis will continue to operate as a standalone brand and offer the same service you’re used to. Here’s a statement from Monitis CEO Hovhannes Avoyan: “Joining GFI Software gives us the capital, expertise and business resources that will enable us to make our products stronger and invest in features and functions that will help our customers’ businesses grow. GFI is a leader in the network monitoring and management market in the SMB space, and our solutions strongly complement one another now and will be increasingly interconnected as cloud computing continues to grow.”