Blog Summary for week of October 17

1: Monitis-Top… an open-source command-line interface for Monitis Agents and Monitors

It is true that Monitis offers a powerful web-based UI, but many people prefer doing everything in a command-line interface. This post is for those people. It introduces Monitis Top, an open source command line interface to query the Monitis Agents and Monitors you have activated for your systems. Simple commands will list the monitors you have running along with performance data, inclunding CPU, Memory, Process monitors and also External monitors. The source code for Monitis Top is available in VBScript at the moment but will eventually be available in C#.

2: Best Practices for Active Directory-Integrated DNS

This is our second post on Active Directory. This article discusses DNS and Active Directory integration and includes some best practices for your DNS server administration. It discusses the different DNS Zones: Primary, Secondary, Active Directory Integrated, and Stub. It goes through the benefits and typical use cases of each zone, and lists some dos and don’ts.

3: Advanced Monitoring of SQL Server with VBScript on Monitis

Do you use SQL Server? Then you’ll want to read this article on how to monitor it in Monitis. The previous article in this series covered how to monitor the basic metrics of a server running SQL Server. This article puts everything together and creates a Monitis page with the most important parameters for monitoring an SQL Server in production. It lists the recommended metrics for SQL Server, including % Processor Time, % Disk time, and Batch requests per second. Then a script is provided that adds all the monitors as custom monitors using the Monitis API, and places them on a new page in your Monitis dashboard. This means the work is already done for you! Just run the script with VBScript and you’re already monitoring these metrics which up until now required an agent download.

4: SMS Auto-Credit. Never miss an SMS alert again.

There are times when you run out of SMS credits in your Monitis account. Monitis always give you a heads up when this is about to happen and give you a grace period to refill, but SMS Auto-Credit makes this process even easier. Now you can set your SMS credits to refill automatically whenever you run out, and this post shows you how.

5: Monitis-Top… Adding Support for FullPage Monitors and Code Optimizations

For all of you who prefer the command line interface, this is the second in our series on Monitis Top, the open source CLI from Monitis. The last post showed how to list Internal and External Monitor performance using a few simple commands. This post shows how to do the same for Full Page monitors to see your website’s load times. A source code in VBScript is included below.

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