Blog Summary for week of November 7

logo1: Subversion repository monitoring with Monitis
If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve read about dozens of ways to use the Monitis platform to monitor a vast array of computer related metrics. This article takes a look at using Monitis to monitor something less common: code and contributors in a Subversion (SVN) repository. Code from the Monitis Github Page is provided. The results are really quite interesting. You can track the authors, commits and files in a project and even see changes to these numbers over time in a graph.

2: The simplicity of server monitoring: Monitis & M3
The powerful M3 (Monitis Monitor Manager) framework has been written about in a few previous articles: M3 – introduction and Planning your vacation / HTTP extraction. This post discusses motivation, design, implementation and the future of M3. The driving force behind M3 was the need to simplify usage of the API. The Monitis API is quite extensive and certain applications of it, though useful, can time consuming to set up. The post goes through an example showing how much time M3 saves a Monitis user. It also discusses future plans to extend M3 to virtually all Monitis actions, and to combine M3 with the MySQL DBI unit.

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