Blog Summary for Week of November 28

logo1. 20 Browser-Based Storefront Creation Services – Part 1/4
Ecommerce stores comprise a big chunk of Monitis users. If you run an online store, your storefront software is absolutely pivotal to your business. Your entire revenue depends on the performance of the shopping cart application. Monitis has decided to review 20 storefront creation services. This first post in the series covers 5 services: Shopify, PrestaShop, 3DCart, Nascent Commerce, and Yahoo Stores. For each, a description, Pros and Cons, and traffic history are included.

2. Managing and Monitoring SharePoint Server 2010: Resolving Bottlenecks
The previous post in this series on Sharepoint listed and explained important performance counters. This post is about bottlenecks. It shows how to detect and resolve them. For example, if your % Idle Time is above 90%, you should increase the number of disksMove data to an alternative disk or server.

3. Memcached Server Monitoring With Monitis
The Monitis Open API and the Monitis Java SDK let you build almost any internal monitor you need. This post shows how to build a custom monitor for monitoring Memcached server health in real-time using the newly improved Monitis Java SDK. Memcached has built-in statistics that show the overall performance of the system, but it’s good to go deeper and uncover dynamic shifts in system performance. A simple mathematical formula shows how to track this dynamic system behavior and use it as a green/yellow/red light signal. Then a list of metrics are included with recommended threshold values.

4. Microsoft Exchange Monitoring – Important Performance Counters
MS Exchange, the popular server-side office software platform, is pivotal to many organizations. Monitoring it is essential, and this article shows you how to do that well. Exchange performance counters are broken up into four groups: Exchange Message Counters, Exchange Services Counters, Memory Monitoring, and Network Monitoring. About 20 counters are describes in depth and graphs are also included. A must read if your office runs on Exchange.

5. 20 Browser-Based Storefront Creation Services – Part 2/4
The first post in this series covered five shopping cart software providers: Shopify; PrestaShop; 3D Cart; Nascent Commerce and Yahoo! Stores. This post covers the next five: Volusion; Mercantec; MerchandiZer; ShopSite and GoEmerchant. It seems that the best of these latest five is Volusion. It is fairly customizable, and comes with several features that the others lack, such as gift cards. It’s also priced competitively and SEO optimized. The others are also worth checking out. If you’re starting an online store, you should decide between a hosted, licensed or open source store software.

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