Blog Summary for Week of November 21

Blog Summary for Week of November 211. Monitis-Top Command Line Tool in C#
A previous post introduced Monitis Top, a quick and easy tool to query your Monitis monitors from the command line. The original code was written in VBScript and we had promised a C# version. Here is that new version along with explanations of the class hierarchy and methods.

2. Managing and Monitoring SharePoint Server 2010: Configuring the Usage Database
Sharepoint is a critical application for most corporate IT environments. It’s a heavy duty application, and if you’ve managed a Sharepoint instance, you no doubt know how much bandwidth and resources it can use. This post is the second in a series on how to properly monitor Sharepoint performance. The first post was an introduction, and this article goes more in depth to provide best practices. A list of counters is described in detail as well as a list of properties with recommended settings, such as enabled or disabled.

3. Microsoft Exchange Monitoring
This is the second post on monitoring Exchange. This article is about memory and network monitoring metrics. A list of them is described and recommendations are given on how to use the data to determine overall Exchange performance. Examples of metrics used are Memory\Pool Page Bytes, Memory\Pool Nonpaged Bytes, and Network Interface(*)\Bytes Total/sec.

4. 31.5 LAMP Security Tips Around PHP
Monitis is determined to shed light on performance monitoring for LAMP developers. Previous posts show how to increase security around Linux, Apache, and MySQL. This article complete the quadrifecta, talking about PHP. 101 Security tips are provided to ensure your LAMP stack’s security on every level. Example tips are Hide your PHP version number, and Enable safe_mode.