Blog Summary for Week of July 25

1: How To Improve Server Performance by IO Tuning – Part 1
Many servers, especially databases like MySQL, are dealing with hard drive IO on every data insert, so in order to get much performance out of such databases with extensive amount of data inserts, it is critical to tune the IO writes. This is a tedious task which requires many iterations to see any results. This article is part 1 on a series of step by step procedures for tuning IO.

2: Monitis adds a monitoring node in Brazil
This week we added a monitoring location in Brazil. This brings the total number of monitoring nodes to 16. Users can now use the Brazil location for external, fullpage and transaction monitoring.

3: Monitoring OS X with AppleScript and Monitis
Here we take a look at how AppleScript can be used to invoke REST API calls, using a system load monitor as an example. Before reading this article, you should read some of the previous articles discussing monitoring Linux or OS X with bash scripts, where we discuss using the Monitis REST API.

4: How To Improve Server Performance by IO Tuning – Part 2
This is part 2 of the series on tuning IO. This article explains strategies like prefetching, choosing a proper RAID controller, and SSD’s.

5: Sysadmin Appreciation Day Special
This is for the 12th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. Thank you, sysadmins for all your hard work, long hours and sleepless nights spent on deploying and maintaining servers and other IT infrastructure. we are announcing a System Administrator Appreciation Day special, a 50% of all of our sysadmin tools. Use SYS50 coupon code at checkout. We will be offering this discount from Thursday at Midnight PST through the weekend.

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