Blog Summary for Week of January 23

2: Using Tomcat With a Database – Performance Optimization Tips
Do you use Apache Tomcat with a database? Here are 6 tips for optimizing performance for that combination. For example, it’s important to determine the cause of database connection timeouts. One of the common causes is garbage collection. Tip 2 describes how this happens and what can be done to improve performance.

3: Cassandra and Monitis
Cassandra is one of the more popular highly scalable NoSQL databases. If you work with Cassandra, this article will show you how to use Monitis to keep track of the performance of your Cassandra cluster. Code is provided on the Monitis Github page that shows you how many Cassandra nodes you have up and running as well as read and write latencies. You can set alerts on these metrics.

4: M3 code refactor & DBI support
M3, the Monitis Monitor Manager, was first described in this article. Monitis has recently decided to make M3 pluggable to make it easy to add execution and parsing plugins. This posts introduces some of the things you can do with this pluggability. It describes Database integration with Monitis using M3. There are many benefits monitoring your database health in Monitis. This post shows how to make a query and monitor its results. Monitis is anxious to hear your input on how best to use M3 to meet your monitoring needs.

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