Blog Summary for Week of December 5

logo1. Monitis SharePoint Monitor
This is the third post about simple and effective Sharepoint monitoring. It introduces a Monitis Custom monitor for SharePoint that you can download from the Github page. This powerful custom monitor includes support for CPU, Memory, ASP and SQL monitoring as they relate to SharePoint. A list of the counters and metrics are listed and described, and snapshots are also provided.

2. 20 Browser-Based Storefront Creation Services – Part 3/4
We are in the Holiday Shopping season right now, and if you own an online store, that means you’re probably getting a big chunk of your sales this month. One of the most important factors in ensuring an outstanding holiday sales figure is shopping cart software performance. This post is the 3rd in a series that reviews 20 storefront softwares. This one covers Miva Merchant, Network Solutions, Shopping Q, Actinic, Mals E-Commerce.

3. Monitis+Log4j: The Cure for Monitoring Java Logs
Monitoring Java applications is important, but it can be tricky. For example, many Java shops utilize the famous LogJ4 mechanism to output Java logs. Monitoring these in real time is difficult, especially if the application is hosted remotely. This post shows how to set up a Monitis Custom monitor to do the task. The source code is provided on the Monitis Github page, and diagrams are provided to show the flow of information in this setup. A very easy way to solve a complex problem with Java monitoring.

4. Monitor Everything with Monitis – And do it easily with PowerShell – Part 11
Monitis and PowerShell combined can let you monitor anything, even very specific activities in your network. The previous post in this series showed how to check when a user connects to a shared folder. This post uses the same techniques to know when a USB drive has been plugged in. A sample code is provided which interfaces with WMI to find out if a USB drive has been inserted into the system.

5. Monitis Launches World’s First Free Cloud-Based Transaction Monitoring Solution
Monitis is very excited to announce free transaction monitoring for users. Transaction monitoring is a critical tool for online store owners in monitoring their shopping cart’s performance. The free transaction monitor checks a site once per day. By upgraded to the premium version at, free users can check their shopping cart up to every 5 minutes. They’ll also get 25% off when upgrading from the free version. Read more here:

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