Blog Summary for Week of August 22

1. Monitis (M3) & Nagios – a very simple integration
In this article we show how easy it is to integrate Nagios with Monitis. First read about M3 – a Universal monitoring framework for Monitis custom scripts which was covered in this previous article. We go over an example with code samples showing how to monitor load on a server. We monitor the load with Nagios and push the data to Monitis using a customer monitor.

2. 30 MS SQL Performance Tips
Here we tackle how to maximize your experience with Microsoft SQL Server.
We list 30 tips including using Multiple Disk Controllers, the appropriate RAID configuration, fixed size databases, and table partitioning. Each tip is accompanied by a 1-paragraph description.

3. Things You May or May Not Know About Linux “find” Command – part II
In the first part of our series we described how to use find (and locate) to search for files using their names. In this sequel we review how to utilize find in a less common but very useful way. We show how to search using time-related information, such as modification time, access time, and change time.

4. How to Protect Your Network: Popular Firewall Products
In our previous article, Firewall Best Practices”, we discussed some basic firewall information and best practices for managing your network security. In this article we discuss the network firewall products that we mentioned in somewhat more details and explain the differences between each of them and how they allow you to secure your network.

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