Billing Improvements

Take a look at some of the billing improvements we’ve implemented to make your experience at Monitis even more enjoyable:


We’ve enlarged the list of invoices you’re getting by including one-time payments (payments for Vulnerability Scanning, Tracerout and Web Load Tester) in the invoice list that can be found in your Monitis dashboard Profile >Invoices.


When you upgrade your plan and the amount to be paid for the new plan does not exceed the amount in your balance, you’ll be charged from the balance and 0$ invoice will be generated. Your account expiration will be prolonged respectively.


Similarly, if you decide to change your plan, you’ll get charged from the unused time amount if the amount of the previous plan does not exceed the amount to be billed for the new one. And if the unused time amount is bigger than new plan charge, the amount difference will be added to your account as a balance.


Also, you now have an option to specify an email address for all the invoices to be directly sent to, otherwise invoices will be sent to the main account email.


Please contact our Sales Team at in case of any questions.


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