Big Data – What is it and Why is it Important – Part 2

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In our previous article, Big Data – What it is and Why it is Important we kicked of the series that will take us from an introduction to where Big Data is today and where it is going. Let’s move forward with the emergence of the first iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010 representing yet another major technological transformation. As mobile devices became the new PC (personal computer) of choice, we witnessed the dawning of an era of real-time communication and information sharing capabilities that almost stretched the imagination of what was possible.



On the verge of the release of Google Glass, the company’s new augmented reality glasses, we’re about to see the physical world and the web interact in altogether new ways. As one article suggests, “Picture arriving home from work, and the door of your house automatically unlocks to let you in as you walk up to it. Inside, your NPR app comes on the glasses screen and you can tune in or change the channel while you fiddle with turning on the connected sprinkler system for your lawn.” Indeed, the internet is taking off yet again! Through the “Internet of Things,” in which physical objects are linked to the web, the world is witnessing yet another epic transformation in how information is created and disseminated.



google glass



What Does it all Mean?

So far we have discussed in very broad strokes the world of Big Data through a brief history of the internet. What this survey has hopefully shown so far is that Big Data is really a story about the internet’s exponential growth over the past nearly 2 decades. The movement from the “internet of information” to the “internet of people” to what we’re now seeing, the “internet of things,” is truly a fascinating narrative about how technology transforms the way we think and live and work.


Researchers predict that by 2020 over 30 billion objects will wirelessly be connected to the internet. With the massive levels of information processing we’re already seeing, it doesn’t take rocket science to imagine the kinds of data that will become available from these sources . . . and the kinds of resources needed to capture and process and share all of this data. Truly, the dawn of the Big Data era is only beginning!


In the next segment, we’ll explore in more detail what businesses today can do in order to deal with the massive influx of Big Data and how to leverage this new global asset.


Stay tuned for more on Big Data.



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