Behind the Eagle: Michael, Technical Support Representative

Meet Michael from our office in Germany. Michael is Technical Support Representative here at Monitis. He speaks about typical support issues and what he would do if he had the office to himself for only one day.

1. Michael, when did you start working for Monitis?


I started at Monitis Germany back in July 2013 as a Technical Support Representative. Before I started my job here I worked for an IBM Business Partner.


2. What are the most common support issues?


There are all kinds of support questions really. The customers calling are not always necessarily IT professionals which makes it of course more challenging to sort out issues with a strong technical focus. However, if I had to narrow it down to, let’s say the three most common ones I’d say: setup of our Linux agent, questions regarding how to monitor certain things and finally confusing monitoring results. The last one’s an easy fix though as those customers often chose a server not located in their target market.

Michael at desk

3. Do support questions differ from country to country?


Of course they do which is attributable to different cultures. Some countries or cultures tend to be very impatient while others are more relaxed. Far be it from me to actually call out certain nationalities. After all I don’t want to get on the wrong side of somebody. Nonetheless it’s always helpful to keep certain characteristics in mind when dealing with customers.


4. How is it to work on an international scale?


Very interesting and exciting! One minute I might be talking to someone from India and in the next minute I’m talking to someone from Australia. There’s always a little bit of chit-chat so you get to know different cultures. And it doesn’t stop there! Because we have offices located in the US, here in Germany and Armenia Monitis itself is very cultural diversified.


5. What would you do if you had the office to yourself for one day?


The first thing to go would be my pants because let’s be honest, they’re a burden! A nice pair of sweatpants are just fine. I would listen to music, mess with my co-workers’ stuff and probably race around on my office chair which isn’t allowed due to “safety at work”. Pff…

Michael working

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