Arizona University Moves to Cloud

It’s a growing trend, and it’s no wonder that smart people are doing it. I’m talking about educational institutions, from kindergartens to Grad schools, moving their administrative and educational software from internal servers to the cloud.

This time around it’s the University of Arizona’s turn. They’re moving their 18,000 staff members to cloud-based email and calendar applications from Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite. The technology includes a larger inbox capacity (10GBs from the current 250 MBs), instant messaging and tools for online meetings. For Arizona University, this is the first major change in how employees communicate in about seven years, according to an article that I read.

The schools old apps, among them WebMail and the calendar program Meeting Maker, were purchased by various departments.

In choosing Microsoft, University of Arizona IT executives were particularly concerned about how providers’ tools integrated with the school’s email and calendaring needs, as well as which solution offered the best synchronization with a hand-held device. (We know this is important to schools and other enterprises; that’s why we offer Monitis Mobile – mobile access to monitoring results and information for iPhone, Anroid, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Mobile smartphones.) And the school compared systems’ abilities to provide security and privacy protection.

Apparently, the school is also considering providing students with access to Microsoft’s Live@edu for Office Web Apps and Windows Live SkyDrive.

I believe so strongly that this migration by universities toward the cloud will continue at an even greater pace that Monitis recently launched a special monitoring program, the Academic Plan, that provides schools with comprehensive all-in-one monitoring (e.g. servers, networks, apps and more) for a special price that even schools with the tightest budgets can afford.

Just as sure as weekends come to an end, and the school bell rings on Monday morning, so, too, will schools continue to move their apps and data to the Cloud.  And many will continue to seek monitoring tools to help them make sure their systems are safe and up and running.

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