Another Google Vulnerability Fixed

Google has fixed a glitch in a program designed to link Gmail accounts and Microsoft Outlook.

Due to a server error, Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, which allows users to view Gmail messages and use certain Apps on their Outlook pages, did not work properly. When it works, the Google program lets users receive Gmail e-mails, as well as information from Google Apps’ contacts and calendar tools, in their Outlook inboxes, according to Information Week.

In a post on its blog, Google team members said that the problem was limited in scope. “It primarily impacts customers who have been away from Outlook for more than a few days, so if you’ve been online every day or so, you shouldn’t encounter the problem,” the team said.

The server glitch slowed down or prevented e-mail deliveries to Outlook during the first part of March. Google noticed it on the 13th and announced on 24th that it fixed the problem..

But some of its users didn’t take the glitch so lightly – especially the fact that it took so long to fix it. On Google’s blog, one user said: “OK Google guys, this is not funny any longer. We just lost a major deal because the email was missed. After I’m fired I’m sure my successor will be delighted to switch back to Exchange.”

This isn’t the first time Google has suffered glitches or failures in its cloud-based Apps. Recently, Google Gmail was invaded by hackers, targeting Chinese dissidents’ email.

While I wouldn’t advise betting the farm on e-mail delivery, of any kind, there are some safeguards you can take to make sure you get all you’re expecting. One is the very old-fashioned method of phoning the sender to inquire if it was sent.

Another is to keep track of your application with transaction monitoring.


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