Another feature to help you navigate more easily: DropDown list of Tabs(Pages)

In the scope of our navigation enhancements, Monitis Team is introducing the DropDown list of Tabs(Pages) feature. It was proposed by one of our devoted customers and here it is – we already have it in place. The list allows you to select any Tab without scrolling through the whole list of Tabs, so in case of several dozens of Tabs it will be of great help to everyone. The button which opens the drop down list is located in the right upper corner, below the “Sign out” link (you can see it on the screenshot below).

When clicking on it, you can see the drop down list with all of your Tabs. In case you have too many of them, the drop down list will have a scroll bar. After choosing any of the Tabs you will see the modules of the selected Tab on your dashboard. That’s it. More new enhancements are on the way.

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