Amazon Cloud Let’s You Share Data Snapshots

Are you a teacher and using the Amazon cloud to educate? How about a researcher, IT developer or a sales account manager at a business?

Now, according to Amazon Web Services, you can share snapshots of data with others using the company’s EC2 Elastic Block Store snapshot facility. You can even share them publicly. Here are the details, straight from the horse’s mouth, that is, Amazon’s blog:

– It’s now possible to use Amazon’s AWS Management Console, the command line tools, or the EC2 API to create a snapshot backup of an EBS volume at any time. The snapshots, once created, can be used to create a new EBS volume in the same AWS region. By sharing these snapshots, others can create an identical copy of the EBS.

– Amazon also says its new ModifySnapshotAttribute function enables you to set and change the createPermission attribute on any of your snapshots. An added ResetSnapshotAttribute function lets you clear snapshot attributes. Plus, you can use the DescribeSnapshotAttribute function to get the value of a particular attribute. The DescribeSnapshots function now lists all of the snapshots that have been shared with you. You can also use this function to retrieve a list of all Amazon’s Public Data Sets.

You can also modify snapshot permissions using the AWS Management Console.

So what does this have to do with teachers, sales managers and the like? As the blog pointed out, teachers can share reference data in the classroom and businesses can use snapshots to store data internally, for customers or partners.

Sounds like an improvement to me! After all, information is powerful, and sharing it with the right parties can make you powerful.

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