Alert Contacts

Contacts are used to problem notifications and as soon as one of your checks fails, Monitis will send an email, IM and/or SMS alert to all your added active contacts.

You may add as many contacts as you want. Click on the Contacts link and then click on the edit icon. Enter contact information and press on the Add button. With each e-mail contact IM can be associated. Follow the  guidelines in the confirmation message to add the appropriate contact to your specified IM. You have to confirm your contact via clicking on the appropriate link in the confirmation message.

To edit already added contact, again click on the edit icon then the contact you want to change. Contact information will be set in the appropriate fields. Make changes and press on the Apply button to save the changes. To unselected contact again click on it. In case if you change the email address or add a new contact, notification will be sent on your contact to confirm.

If you do not want to receive any notification on your contact, make Active checkbox unchecked for that contact.

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