Add an Internal Monitor

How to add Internal monitor

Monitis Internal monitor allows monitoring of processes, CPU, memory and Hard drive utilization on any Windows or Linux server. It also can use any customer server to remotely monitor other customer web sites, including Intranet sites.

Monitis performs internal network monitoring via Downloadable Smart Agent. To download an instance of Agent click on the Internal Monitor link and from the opened window follow  the appropriate link based on you computer OS. Download Agent button becomes active.

Press on it and in a few seconds the download of a file should start(in case of Windows and in case of Linux – monitis.tar.gz).


Unzip the downloaded file and double click on the Setup.exe to install the Smart Agent on your PC. After the installation Activation window will appear in the right bottom part of your screen needed for activation of your agent. At the same time you can see a colored circle on the task bar, which shows the current status of your agent. Give name to your Agent and use your account e-mail to activate Smart Agent. After clicking on the Activate button you will see the message “Your Agent is activated” with the next update time.


Untar the downloaded file into some folder. Follow the instructions regarding installation and configuration provided in the README file.Once you have activated your agent, next time on clicking on the Internal Monitor link you will see the window to add an internal test. Specify the needed parameters and click on the Add button to save your module.

The added Internal Monitor module will appear on your page. All your added modules for internal monitoring can be found under the Agents (Saved Modules menu) link. Check test and click on the Delete button to delete the test. You may also add agent module to your page. In case if you already have this module opened in one of your pages, the system will suggest you to move the module into the current page.

How to edit or delete Internal Monitor modules

You may edit some of your test parameters via clicking on the edit icon. Press on the “Apply” button to save the changes.
To change the view of your test module click on the title bar icons or select the desired view using drop down menu in the module edit mode. If you want to see your module in more detail, use the maximize icon next to the edit button.

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