Add an External Monitor

1. How to add an External Monitor module

Click on the link External Monitor. In the opened window enter the URL, select graphical view for your test and specify Tag and Name for it. You may create several tests for your specified URL by one step. Just check the appropriate checkbox(es) and also edit port number(s) if there is a need for that.

Then click on  the “Add” button and test module(s) will appear on your page. If no Tag and/or Name is specified added test will be put under the Default tag and will have name formed from the site URL and test type. You may drag and drop modules from one page onto other one. You may also close them. You may find added External Monitor modules under the My Tags menu. Click on the tag name to see the list of all tests created under that tag name. If you want to add closed module onto your personalized page, check it and press on the Add to Window button. You may also Suspend or delete test modules again via checking them and clicking on the appropriate buttons.

2. How to edit or delete External Monitor modules

You may edit some of your test parameters via clicking on the edit icon.
When you change tag name into existing one, your test is moved under that tag, otherwise new tag is created which contains that test. By default test has dynamic scaling. But you may change it to Static and specify scale in the field next to Static radio button. Press on the “Apply” button to save the changes.

To change the view of your test module click on the title bar icons or select the desired view using drop down menu in the module edit mode. If you want to see your module in more detail, use maximize icon next to the edit button.

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