A New Plug for Mon.itor.Us

A New Plug for Mon.itor.Us

We’ve just got another “plug” within the IT industry. This time it comes from prolific plug-in makers collectd – a daemon. It collects system performance statistics periodically and provides mechanisms to store the values in a variety of ways, for example in RRD files. collectd also has over 90 plugins which range from standard cases to very specialized and advanced topics.

Well, it seems that collectd has just released version 4.9 of their open source tool for collecting, transferring and storing system performance statistics, and within that new version they’ve created a special Perl-based, plug-in for our free, fully hosted and cloud-based web monitoring service, Mon.itor.us – called, aptly so, MonitorUs.

The plug-in queries statistics that Mon.itor.us produces, for example, on system usage or any end-user difficulties that may arise.

Now, you can add the plug-in to your admin area of your site, desktop or laptop.

Thanks, collectd, for joining us in our quest to make it easier for website owners to operate more safely and with more confidence!