A Huge Cloud Customer Base: NEC in China Deal

Amid the daily news about the Cloud industry, comes one headline with potentially huge ramifications: Japan’s NEC will enter into a joint venture with China’s giant IT outsourcing provider, Neusoft, and offer cloud computing services in China. Not only is it NEC’s first move to offer services outside its home base, but the venture is inspiring hope among other outsourcing vendors that China will become a large market for them, as well.



NEC is by no means alone in China. IBM has about a 6%  market share there, followed by lesser-ranked providers HP, Digital China, network equipment provider Huawei in China and global services firm Accenture. Neusoft ranked 7th.



According to an article in the Financial Times, NEC expects cloud computing in China to grow to $2.3bn by 2012, growing at an average pace of 30% each year. And analysts IDC said that the Chinese IT services market had revenues of $10.6bn in 2009 and will grow to $20.6bn in 2014.



Not only is cloud computing activity heating up in China, but we at Monitis are seeing incredible demand for 100% cloud-based monitoring all over Asia, as companies there increasingly migrate to cloud-hosted data storage and apps.   In fact, we just deployed another monitoring node (in addition to one we already have in China) in the region — this time in Singapore. The new node will be managed by Singapore-based En Technologies (www.en.com.sg).  Along with a new node we recently added in Spain, this brings to 12 the number of Monitis monitoring nodes available worldwide. And, of course, Monitis enables IT managers to create nodes from custom locations of their choosing.



Why are these global nodes so important? We’re unique in the industry because each of our 12 nodes monitors a client’s website every 60 seconds. That sets us apart from the competition, which typically only monitor once a minute from a single, individual location (not from all their nodes).  You could sign up with a monitoring service that offers more nodes, say, 100, but in reality that only means each one is activated once every 100 minutes. That’s just too much time to let go by before monitoring.


If you have a lot of customers in Asia or you’re thinking of expanding there, take the growth ride along with Monitis as your IT partner!

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