5 Key Lessons Businesses Can Learn from Pokémon Go


No one likes to be interrupted in the middle of playing their favorite online game with the message “our servers are experiencing issues, please check back later.”


But that’s just what millions of players of Pokémon Go experienced soon after the game went live on July 6th . With downloads through the roof and everyone on the hunt for those ever elusive Pokémon, the servers couldn’t keep up and a number of times the whole system stalled out.


During these nail-biting moments, wouldn’t it have been nice to keep tabs on Pokémon Go’s latest server status? Now with this real-time widget of the game’s server uptime you can do just that! Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly give you PokéMonitis!

Indeed, when turning to a serious discussion of the latest Pokémon Go craze and what it all means, people usually talk in superlatives. The game has become nothing less than a global cultural phenomenon. There are even stories of people hunting down Pokémon on their office desks, in hospital rooms, and even in bathrooms . . . the works!


Not to mention, the game has shattered a number of records since its debut, including most downloads in the Apple App store ever in the first week of a launch. The company behind Pokémon Go, Niantic (incorrectly attributed to Nintendo), now has grown to an estimated value of $3.65 billion and is on track to earn $740 million in revenue this year alone. At current rates of downloads, which are estimated at 75 million worldwide, the app is earning over $1M a day in revenue.


But aside from being a really cool location-based and augmented reality application that gets people more interested in their local surroundings, the latest Pokémon Go sensation can also teach us some very important lessons about the future of business and technology. Here are 5 things you should know!



5 Key Lessons Businesses Can Learn from Pokémon Go


1. Augmented Reality Will Go Mainstream


We’ve probably all heard of augmented reality in recent years but in case you haven’t the concept is catching on quickly. Augmented reality provides real-world interaction with one’s physical surroundings through “augmented” (or supplemented) computer generated sensory input such as sound, video, and graphics. According to Pew Report’s Digital Life in 2025  “Augmented reality and wearable devices will be implemented to monitor and give quick feedback on daily life, especially tied to personal health.”


5 Key Lessons Businesses Can Learn from Pokémon Go


A couple years ago we thought the primary expression of AR would be Google Glass. But as it turned out the technology has really gotten buy-in from the gaming industry and the likes of products such as Oculus Rift. Now it looks as if Pokémon Go has just added fuel to the growing fire. All market signs suggest that AR will obtain mainstream adoption within a year.



2. Gamification Can Really Drive Business Value


Pokémon Go just goes to show that everyone likes to play games, especially when it involves cutting edge technology. Gamification is a technique that has received lots of attention in recent years. Basically the idea involves applying the typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity.


5 Key Lessons Businesses Can Learn from Pokémon Go


In a business setting gamification techniques are used to encourage engagement with a product or service. Badges, tokens, challenges, perks, goal tracking, and other methods can be used to take otherwise mundane online interactions and make them interesting. There are plenty of examples of how companies today are finding innovative ways to make their products and services engaging through gamification. Your company can be one of them!



3. Innovation Is Still the Biggest Game in Town


Innovation is the hallmark of modern business strategy and success. Those companies that can do it successfully will garner the most attention and sell the most products. But remember innovation is not setting out to “invent the next big thing” – although it could lead to that.




5 Key Lessons Businesses Can Learn from Pokémon Go


To be successful you need to start innovation where you’re at, in your own corner of influence. Don’t look for the new and novel but rather start by examining the old. Look around at existing processes and see where you can apply new techniques to make them more efficient, faster, and more agile. Ask yourself the following question, “Is there a particular task, process, or routine in my job that is particularly painful, time-consuming, manual, and that can be automated?”

The creators of Pokémon Go capitalized on the latest successes and failures of AR technology and look where it’s leading.



4. You Don’t Need Expensive Ads to Garner Attention


Do you remember seeing any ads for Pokémon Go leading up to launch? Highly unlikely. The gaming app has broken some conventional thinking about marketing and shows that traditional advertising and PPC is not always necessary.


As Marie Goldstein points out, Pokémon Go reflects a more “agnostic advertising approach,” which relies on a number of variables that lined up in its favor including a lengthy pre-history, well established community, multiple product benefits, and extensive word of mouth interest. A lot of companies can’t just go and expect to copy what Pokémon Go did. She says that “marketers must understand that Pokemon Go is an outlier. In most cases a targeted and tailored plan is needed to drive measurable results.”


5 Key Lessons Businesses Can Learn from Pokémon Go


On top of these factors, Pokémon Go’s timing was brilliant. It’s summer time and kids are out of school and people are going on vacations looking for reasons to be outdoors. This is a perfect season to get people to hit the streets searching for Pokémon.



5. Check Your Web Performance & Server Status


One article has elegantly summed up the essential technical point about the latest Pokémon Go fever:

A game like Pokémon Go lives or dies by one thing: the ability to connect to its servers. Players are required to always be connected to the internet to head out on their real life Pokémon adventures. No internet, no go.

Despite the wild popularity of the gaming application, we’ve also mentioned some of the headaches too. Players have at times experienced freezes or lack of connectivity or no GPS signal. Some of this is to be expected when millions of people are playing the game at any given time.


5 Key Lessons Businesses Can Learn from Pokémon Go


However, not all of the issues were with overloaded servers and maintenance. There are often problems on the users end as well such as local connectivity, not using the latest updates, or else an issue with the data settings.


If anything, the recent Pokémon Go phenomenon has highlighted more than ever how important it is for businesses to keep their server status in check. You never know when your product or service will go viral! It’s important to always be ready for the possibility and make sure that your servers are ready to handle the extra load when everyone can’t wait to see your cool new application.


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