3rd Party Monitoring Gives More Edge for Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a way to make use of computer resources over and across the Internet, rather than using servers that are physically within your control. Cloud computing users do not need to have any knowledge of, or expertise in, the technology infrastructure in the “cloud” that supports them, and they don’t control the technical infrastructure. Cloud computing is dynamically scalable, which offers important benefits, and also offers businesses many advantages in capacity and capability. However, cloud computing is a rapidly changing environment where you have little control over your configuration. The constantly changing realm of cloud computer allows you to react very quickly to changing loads, but also requires you to better manage that environment to maintain control.

With cloud computing, the customers, generally speaking, do not own the physical infrastructure hosting their software. Instead, they use the cloud resource as a service and pay only for what they use. Because they don’t “own”the cloud, cloud customers need more visibility into the cloud. Customers using cloud infrastructure, however, need greater transparency of information to make sure the services are running properly. The cloud monitoring system  gives customers the similar management capabilities they are accustomed to from in-house systems when they use a cloud provider.