2014 Major Releases Review

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Rounding up the year, we would like to shortly go through all the major product releases of the year, so in case you missed something, have a quick update of what happened at Monitis during the last couple of months.


So here we go!


In 2014, we released Log Monitor – a valuable debugging tool to detect changes in your log activities hurting your website performance.


Monitis Real User Monitoring was one of the biggest releases of the year. So far our customers have monitored more than 150,000,000 million page loads and collected valuable data from actual users to get deeper insight into their website performance with this powerful monitoring tool.


Next was Email Round-Trip Monitoring, a powerful monitoring tool to monitor the availability and performance of a complete email delivery process and ensure smooth email business communications.


This year, we’ve also enhanced our MySQL Application Monitor with thresholds to get alerted if any of your predefined MySQL monitor metrics reaches a critical level.


And finally we introduced Node.js application monitor to test the availability and performance of your Node.js server on your Linux and/or Windows machine.


The year of 2014 was also rich in integrations. We had a number of integrations with WHMCS, Zapier, PagerDuty and VictorOps.


And just a small reminder for our paid users – you have an opportunity to automatically get a 15-day trial for Monitis releases of new features and products starting from the day they are first used!


For further updates during the coming year, keep a closer look at your dashboard sidebar to get a first-hand look at our featured services!


Thank you for being a part of Monitis Community!


Your Monitis Team

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