20 Browser-Based Storefront Creation Services – Part 3/4

storefrontIn the following article we have reviewed the next 5 in our list of Browser-Based Storefront Creation Services companies to guide web developers and online retail providers in finding a suitable ecommerce solution. Part 2 of 20 Browser-Based Storefront Creation Services reviewed: Volusion; Mercantec; MerchandiZer; ShopSite and GoEmerchant.

The following article details our own analysis of the next 5 services in our article series: Miva Merchant, Network Solutions, Shopping Q, Actinic, Mals E-Commerce. 

11.  Miva Merchant – http://www.mivamerchant.com


Based out of San Diego, California, Miva Merchant provides small and medium-sized businesses with a superior ecommerce solution.


  • Excellent functionality for dealing with affiliates; helping to control commissions for both sales and click-throughs.
  • Ability to utilize existing FedEx accounts, creating a meter number that can be linked to a website.
  • Easy to setup, and provides a step-by-step wizard that helps the setup process.
  • Installation can be very challenging to new users, and requires a hosting service familiar with the Miva Merchant in order to run the shopping cart.
  • Customer service is not is not very responsive, compared to other similar products.
  • Tutorials for using the application are an additional charge, as much as $150.
Site Statistics (1 Year)


12.  Network Solutions http://www.networksolutions.com/


In business for the past 25, Network Solutions has been providing domain registration and Internet Services to a large number of Fortune 100 companies.

  • Provides a complete solution: hosting; site building; shopping cart and payment processing.
  • Can be easily integrated with Quickbooks.
  •  Very easy to setup, with no prior programming knowledge required.
  • Ability to accept coupons, gift cards and gift wraps are not available on the standard version.
  • Lacks features used by affiliates to receive commissions on resells.
  • Only allows the ability to sell up to 300 products.
Site Statistics (1 Year)


13.  Shopping Q – http://www.shoppingq.com


Founded in 1984, and owned by Bitwise Software International Inc., the company is a leading supplier of ecommerce and custom software applications to small and medium-sized businesses. The company offers a complete PCI compliant storefront system with integrated payment processing, inventory, website generation, and shipping control systems.


  • Excellent customer service with very quick response times.
  • Very easy and smooth setup process.
  • Extremely fast and stable system, compared to similar products.
  • Lacks a number of features that are standard in similar products.
  • Priced much higher than similar products.
  • Does not have a products database, so products must be entered manually.
Site Statistics (1 Year)


14.  Actinic – http://www.actinic.com 


Since 1996, Actinic has been helping small and medium retailers trade online using its ecommerce software solutions. The UK-based company provides products that combine ease of use, flexibility and affordability with all the features needed to build and manage a successful online and offline business.


  • Provides an automated SEO feature, which is superior to comparable products.
  • A design wizard helps in the setup process, to ensure a smooth process.
  • Provides great email and phone support.
  • Not recommended for new ecommerce merchants as it requires a number of adjustments and customizations.
  • Inventory must be entered manually into the system, and to link a product database the user must buy the Business or Developer edition.
  • Does not provide compatibility with affiliate programs
Site Statistics (1 Year)


15.  Mals E-Commerce – http://www.mals-e.com


Based out of Ibiza, Spain, the company provides an ecommerce solution that can be integrated with any existing website, and allows the ability to sell in more than 30 languages.


  • Free version provides an enormous amount of flexibility and customization.
  • Allows the ability to sell in any currency.
  • Accepts credits cards without the need to purchase an SSL certificate and dedicated IP.
  • Shopping cart is clunky, awkward and takes a lot of time to setup.
  • Problems arise when trying to calculate shipping and handling charges.
  • Not recommended for new ecommerce users, as some advanced programming is required.
Site Statistics (1 Year)


In the next and final article in this series we will review the last 5 of 20 shopping cart software vendors: ClickCartPro; FlasECom Cart (hosted solution); Pinnacle Cart; Nexternal and CubeCart.

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