Monitis adds User Voice

eagle-new-2-300x160 (2)Monitis has added User Voice functionality and now you can “help us to help you” as we develop the products and services of tomorrow!  Let us know what you need added to our product and let us know what is important for you. We all know our tech world is whizzing along at breakneck speeds and changing all the time. Let’s plan the future together.

Product Managers the world round are always struggling and striving to understand what their customers need. Before you build the “better mousetrap” you need to know it is wanted by your clients, both present and prospective. User Voice allows you to open up communication forums, collect client needs, wishes and ideas and then make an informed decision about what product you should develop next. As always, understanding your customer is a key to the door to success.


User Voice empowers you to contribute your; needs, ideas, wishes, random thoughts and maybe even your wildest dreams. Simply go to your Monitis dashboard and slide the cursor along the left sidebar and over the User Voice icon and click. By doing this you enter the whirling world of your techie peers and can add your idea as well as see and think about their ideas. The collaborative gateway for you is open and your voice (and vote) counts and means a lot to us.


So, what do we want to know?


  • What new features or services you want to see developed
  • Which features are the most important to you
  • If you are a new or trial customer; we want to know what your concerns are and what was difficult.
  • Is our product giving you everything you need?
  • How you feel about certain beta features


So let your voice be heard and get a vote in determining what the next series of new services and products might be. We care about what you think and we want your input.


For more information on how to get started using this new feature just click here.

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