10 Questions About Monitis Roadmap

We recently offered our Monitis users a 10-question survey to prioritize features for our roadmap.


Our first question was about the dashboard user interface. We listed several planned enhancements and asked the users to point out which are the most critical for them.

Users identified several performance chart views as the most critical needs like:a 24-hours view, 7-days view widgets, and views with flexible custom dates. We instantly put these requests in our next week plan and hope to deliver them to our users within the next 2 weeks. 

The next question was related to external monitoring. One of the highest requests was to add checks for broken website links. We are actually set to launch this service by the end of the next week. The early release will be a free service, and later it will be integrated with Monitis. It will daily crawl the complete user website and will find dead-end links. Also, people asked for more monitoring locations. We are going to add at least one more location in a week.

The next block was related to internal, agent-based server and network monitoring. The highest request was for advanced MySQL database monitoring. We already have it developed and will integrate it in the nearest future. It will definitely be live by the end of June.

The next priority was identified as adding customized scripts for probes. Technically it is also ready, so we will try to move the launch earlier in our schedule. The automatic recovery scripts feature was a winner in the nice-to-have category. Next, was the users request to integrate SNMP monitoring with Monitis. Again, we will have them live by the end of June.

More about the survey results in our next blog post.

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