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Full Page Load Monitoring

A slow loading website can cause customers’ dissatisfaction and can kill your business, sending customers elsewhere, never to return. Monitis Full page load monitoring will track the loading times of your website from beginning to end. Keep your user experience optimized and improve ROI by monitoring the load times of each individual element of your page in real browsers.

Key features:

  • Breakdowns of page loads per components
  • Load times of all images, CSS, JavaScript, RSS, Flash, frames, etc.
  • Detailed timelines of each individual request
  • Alerts when elements of any page don’t load(e.g., "404 error")

Do you have a Magento eCommerce platform? Make sure that it works 24/7 using Monitis transaction monitoring.

Set up Monitis synthetic transactions with ready-to-use templates for Magento websites within a minute.

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