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Companies in a variety of industries rely on Monitis for their cloud and web systems monitoring. Here's what they say about our all-in-one cloud-based technology:

We use Monitis to monitor the performance and availability of our websites from different locations. Monitis is easy to set up and the Monitis team provides great customer support. I can fully recommend this service!

Paul Rehrl

I've been very impressed by the support provided by Monitis. They are open to our suggested feature enhancements and have delivered many of them in a timely manor. We depend on this service to verify SLA for our clients and this is by far one of the best monitoring services out there. Keep up the great work!

Rick Stivers

We had just brought up a highly-visible, web-based application. We could monitor the servers, but really needed a way to monitor user-experience -- not just verifying that the web page was up, or even if the user could log in, but how long it took and what the user could see on subsequent pages. We found Monitis, which gave us fantastic transaction monitor features, and allowed us to tune our application and be notified BEFORE users started to call. The support we received was unbelievable great and responsive. I would definitely recommend Monitis.

Jeff Paul Solomon

I was very impressed with the alerting when Rackspace (our hosting provider) went down - Monitis told us exactly when the servers went offline, and exactly when the world could see them again. Thanks for making such a great product.

Nigel Hanson

We have been looking for a good monitoring service for quite a while, and we have tried quite a few. Until now, we've never seen any other service offer internal/external monitoring, stress-testing and transaction monitoring in a single interface. Plus all our feature-requests are already on their roadmap! And while Monitis' interface took some time getting used to, the service itself is rock-solid.

The final motivation for us to commit 100% to Monitis is the lightning fast response-time of their support. A-plus!

Ramon de la Fuente

Keeping track of the status of your servers can be a something which keeps you up worrying at night. However with the great solution Monitis provides us, we know that our servers are running fine. We have used other services in the past which were also working nice, however when you do the math you know Monitis is providing the best service for the money. Great reporting features & alert features. I highly recommend them!

Marco Beijen
Beijen Web Hosting

Monitis offers a unique and easy to use monitoring system. Extra value is added by Monitis support team, and we get quick response to questions and reports. The unique interface is easy to use and informative at the same time making setting up monitoring in a browser anywhere a breeze.

Egil Rausner

Our online services are the core of our business and crucial to our service level to customers. As such, Monitis is part of general monitoring system operated by our company. Combined with other tools and services it greatly contributes to keeping our services online and fully functional. The service always worked as advertised and the support provided was always timely and cordial. The team behind the service continuously strives to improve it and it always happy to hear our comments and ideas.

Dario U. Estrin

This service is great for the price! With the good customer service and increasing number of features offered every month, I've been recommending Monitis to everyone who asks how I monitor all the sites I maintain. I wish all vendors would be as good to work with as Monitis.

Ann Copeland

To improve performance of our DotNetNuke (DNN) site we needed a simple to use, monitoring system that will keep our site alive every 15 min. Though this is the cheapest after freeware, having trialed a few others, Monitis proves to have an easy to use interface, and extremely responsive support. Thanks, keep up the good work.

Jan Wijninckx

A year ago I entered into a contract to ensure certain websites were always accessible. The client wanted there to be absolutely zero downtime. Should any of the serverí services go down, I should know about it right away and respond immediately. I had some internal monitors already installed via the serverí control panel, but I needed some external monitors in case the server ever became so loaded as to not be able to send out its warnings, or in case of network failure. So I went shopping for a monitoring service. I started with software that would run on my own system, but soon realized that that wouldnít suffice since Iíll be sure to get false alarms when my own ISPí network connection went down. I realized I needed an external monitoring service. Searching the net, I found many such services available both free and paid, but one stood out from the rest for its sheer value. It was called monitor.us, and it was the free offering from monitis.com. I used it for a month and was so impressed with the service that I upgraded to the paid offering. Looking at cost versus monitoring frequency and types of monitors available, it was very clear that Monitis was simply a way better value than all the others. Ití been a year now and Iíve been very happy with them. One huge and unexpected bonus has been the customer service - very personal and prompt. Kudos to Monitis.com!

Shiraz Dindar

What is really nice is that the provided services are useful for our decision makers as well as our technical personnel. Now we have a much clearer understanding of our serversí performance on a daily basis. Moreover, the downtime reporting mechanism is doing a really great job. We have tuned our server configuration and reached 99 percent uptime level. This service is the best.

Karen Bdoyan

The Grouplens Research Team at the University of Minnesota studies web-mediated social interactions. We've been using monitor.us to help keep our several web sites up and running for over a year. We've been very happy with the quality of the service. It notifies us of problems before our own university systems staff. And, on the off chance that you'll ever need it, monitor.us' customer service is great.

Rich Davies