Upgrade/Downgrade of WHMCS Offer

Upgrade/downgrade of a WHMCS offer is supported by Monitis, both from Client and Admin sides.

To change the service that was bought as a WHMCS offer (product, configurable option, addon) the client has to buy an upgrade/downgrade of it. Upgrades/downgrades of Monitis monitoring service are configured in WHMCS by the admin.

On Monitis API side, an upgrade/downgrade action will result in:

  • Deletion of all current orders of the client
  • Addition of the new orders corresponding to the upgrade/downgrade

There can be cases when the configured upgrade/downgrade, if applied to the client’s account, will result in removal or downgrade of some of the services currently in use by the client: e.g. removing extra monitors to fit the new quantity, lowering the check frequency, reducing the number of locations, etc.

In such cases after WHMCS clicks Accept Order the acceptance will be blocked by Monitis Addon, and the order will remain in “Pending” status in WHMCS.

Until the usage in the client’s Monitis account is trimmed by either the Monitis reseller or the client to make it fit the upgrade/downgrade, whenever the WHMCS admin clicks Accept to approve the pending upgrade/downgrade order he is directed to an error page where there is:

  • Detailed info about the client’s usage that needs to be reduced to fit the new order.
  • A link to jump to the client’s dashboard and make the required changes.

C:\Users\monitis_user\Google Drive\MY DOCUMENTS_JUNE 2016\000-AAA-^^-WHMCS - v 2\FINALIZE\FINAL\SCREENS\WHMCS_IMAGES\WHMCS_IMAGES\image39.png

The WHMCS admin or the client himself shall then reduce the client’s current usage in his account.

Note: In case of one-time services (e.g. SMS, Web Stress Tests), upgrade/downgrade will be allowed no matter the usage or presence/absence of such services in the new plan.

Note: Usage will not be considered in case of Real User Monitor. Upgrade/downgrade will be blocked only if, unlike the old plan, the new plan doesn’t have RUM in it.