Supported WHMCS Admin Actions

Changing Status of WHMCS Order

Important: as WHMCS admin, you can manage your WHMCS orders by changing their status at any time.

For that there are 2 controls there in WHMCS, e.g. under Manage Orders: the Status combo box and the action buttons in the bottom of the screen.

C:\Users\monitis_user\Google Drive\MY DOCUMENTS_JUNE 2016\000-AAA-^^-WHMCS - v 2\FINALIZE\FINAL\SCREENS\WHMCS_IMAGES\WHMCS_IMAGES\image29.png

Due to limitation on WHMCS side, action hooks are only under the buttons in the bottom. Therefore, if you change status from the above combo, it will be not possible to trigger Monitis API action and update the order status accordingly in Monitis.

That’s why when changing the status of WHMCS orders that contain Monitis monitoring you must use the action buttons in the bottom, but not the Status combo box. When you push any of these buttons to change the order’s status, the status of corresponding order(s) in Monitis changes as per the actions that you set under Mapping of WHMCS actions with Monitis API.


Modifying Product/Service Sold to Client or Adding an Addon

There is functionality for WHMCS Admin to change the product sold to the client by modifying the product or adding an addon to it. The change is reflected in the order – the old product is replaced by the new one.

C:\Users\monitis_user\Google Drive\MY DOCUMENTS_JUNE 2016\000-AAA-^^-WHMCS - v 2\FINALIZE\FINAL\SCREENS\WHMCS_IMAGES\WHMCS_IMAGES\image30.png

Monitis Addon for WHMCS supports this functionality by triggering Monitis API actions via underlying WHMCS action hooks, and adjusting accordingly the client’s order(s) in Monitis: the old orders will be deleted and new orders will be created to match the client’s order in WHMCS.

Please note the below important point.

Important: Whenever you are redirected to an error log because the change would mean cutting the current usage of monitoring services of the client (See Upgrading/Downgrading WHMCS Offer further in this document), due to inner workings of WHMCS it might happen so that the change will be already made in WHMCS before this exception is caught by Monitis and you are redirected to the error page in Monitis plugin.

We strongly recommend therefore whenever you make such a change to go to the client’s dashboard and make sure that the changes made are reflected in the client’s orders.

If not, than make sure you do the following:

  1. Login to the client’s dashboard in Monitis and remove all the current usage of Monitis services that is above what’s provided by the new WHMCS order, or have your client do so.
  2. Back in WHMSC revert the changes that you have done to the order to bring it to the original state.
  3. Redo the changes again: now that the extra usage in the client’s Monitis account is removed, the change will be done successfully, triggering Monitis API so that the old orders are deleted and new ones are created in Monitis to match the modified order in WHMCS.
Note: If a product/service is in “Suspended” status, if you modify it the changes on Monitis side will take place only after you change its status to “Active”.


Closing and Deleting Client

Close Client’s Account and Delete Client’s Account actions are supported by Monitis as per the API mapping (see  Mapping WHMCS Offer to Monitis Monitoring Services).

C:\Users\monitis_user\AppData\Roaming\Skype\My Skype Received Files\WHMCS_IMAGES\WHMCS_IMAGES\image31.png


Changing of Addon status in Client Profile by WHMCS Admin

WHMCS Admin can change status of addon from the Client Profile.

Due to WHMCS limitation there is no system hook for handling changing of Addon status to “Pending” (see screenshot): in this case, Monitis Addon has no means to change the status of corresponding Monitis order(s) accordingly.

word image 30 - Supported WHMCS Admin Actions

Changing status of addon containing Monitis monitoring should be avoided therefore.