Click the Settings link.

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Setting Password

When client is added in Monitis Reseller following the first purchase in WHMCS, Monitis dashboard is created automatically for him with the email address provided in WHMCS and default password.

WHMCS clients can jump to their Monitis dashboard using the direct single sign-on links on the Client Area; however, Monitis clients will need their account password for running Monitis Agent and Synthetic Transaction Recorder.

To obtain or reset Monitis password click the Set Password link, enter and confirm the password and click Save.

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When the client account is first created in Monitis, an email contact is created using the email address of the WHMCS client. Default alert rule to alert this contact in case of failure of any monitor is then created.

You can customize alerting from your Monitis dashboard by adding more contacts and Alert Rules.

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All the contacts in your Monitis account that you have set up alert rules for will be listed here. You can disable any contacts here if you do not want them to receive alerts.


Monitis Support Documentation

There is also a link for you to go to Monitis support documentation where you can find detailed information about Monitis products and services.