Monitis Monitoring Addon for WHMCS

Download: .tar.gz | .zip

WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing and support solution for online businesses. Monitis addon for WHMCS provides integration with the Monitis platform including the following functionality:

  • WHMCS admins can resell Monitis monitoring services to their clients
  • Clients can then log in to Monitis dashboard to add, view and manage their monitors
  • Clients can also add and view Monitis monitoring in the WHMCS Client Area.

Important: Requires WHMCS v 6.0 or higher and Monitis paying or free plan account. Not available for Monitis trial accounts If you do not have Monitis account, sign-up here: and then, to be able to use our WHMCS addon, either upgrade to paid plan or choose our free plan.

 Monitis addon is provided at no cost. Resellers will need to contact Monitis to negotiate their contract.

Important: This is a new addon, and it’s not an upgrade to the previous Monitis addon for WHMCS, for which support is discontinued.