Reseller Management Area

Adding the first client will automatically convert your account to include the full Reseller functionality and you will be able to access the Reseller Management area in your account.


You will see that there are 2 tabs in the Reseller Management area. Here you can manage your clients and orders.


The Clients tab shows the list of your clients.

To show also deleted orders, check the Show deleted orders box.

You can perform here the following actions:

  • Add a new client. Click the Add New Client button and fill in the client’s data in the Add New Client window.

  • Obtain the API key of the client. You will need the client’s API key when adding orders and monitors for the client. Click View API Key in the API Key column, and the API key will be shown in a popup.
  • Use text filter to filter clients (searches in all fields of the table).
  • Click the icon next to a client to open the context menu.

Clicking Dashboard will open the client’s Monitis Dashboard in a new browser tab.

Clicking Orders will open the client’s orders.

Clicking Add Order will open the Add Order window, and you can create here a new order for the client.

Fill in the fields and click Save. The new order will be added for the client.

Clicking Edit will open the window where you can edit the client’s data.

Clicking Suspend All Orders will suspend all orders of the client. As a result, the client’s dashboard will become unreachable, and the message will appear for the client: “Your account is suspended. Please contact your provider.”

Clicking Delete will delete the client along with all orders of the client.

Clicking Export all clients list on the top of the table will export the client list in CSV format.

You can also perform bulk activation, suspension and deletion of the selected clients using the Actions dropdown.



The Orders tab shows you the list of all your orders.

Note that both in the Clients and Orders tabs you can sort ascending or descending by any of the fields in the table, by just clicking the column header.

To show also deleted orders, check the Show delete orders box.

Note: No action is available for deleted orders, but you can view them to reconcile against your invoices.

Important: once deleted, you cannot give the name of the deleted client to any of the existing clients. However, it’s possible to add a new client with the name of the deleted client.

To filter orders of a specific client select the client from the Show Orders combo box.

You can perform here the following actions:

  • Use the text filter to filter orders (searches in all fields of the table).
  • Click the icon next to an order to open the context menu.

Clicking View Order will open the order details.

Clicking Suspend Order will suspend the order. As a result all monitors under the order will be suspended.

When you suspend an order, you can activate it again. All monitors under this order will be activated. An order can be activated only during grace period (see Grace Period further in this document). Once grace period is passed, the order will be deleted and cannot be activated anymore.

Click Activate Order.

The order will be activated.

If you have created an order with a future (not today’s) Start Date, the order will be pending activation with the status “Not Activated”.

You can edit the Start Date of a “Not activated” order at any time.

If you put today’s date, the order will be activated immediately.

The “Not activated” is the only order status where change of Start Date is allowed. You cannot do that in active, suspended or deleted orders.

To edit the order click Edit Order.

In the Edit Order window you can also change the end date of the order.

Assign a new end date to the order and click Save.

Clicking Delete Order will delete the order.

Clicking Export all orders list on the top of the table will export the order list in CSV format.


Reseller subaccount

The option of adding a reseller sub-account is accessible from the Monitis dashboard, visible only for Monitis accounts converted into reseller accounts.

Reseller sub-accounts do not have any access to the main reseller account features, but only to the Reseller Management area. When logging in to dashboard the reseller subaccount will be automatically redirected to Reseller Management.