Integrating Monitis with Amazon CloudWatch

Creating an AWS User

To start monitoring your AWS environment, first make sure you’ve created a user with read-only permissions in your AWS console.

  • Navigate to the Identity and Access Management (IAM) section of your AWS console (
  • Create a user in the ‘Users‘ section of IAM in your AWS Console.


Be sure to save the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key as they are shown only once, you will need them later to connect Monitis to your AWS account.


Adding Read-only Policy for Amazon User

Now add Amazon’s default Read-Only policy to the user you just created.

From the users list, select the user you just created, and then in the Permissions tab click Attach Policy.

In the policy list, select the ReadOnly Access policy.image006

The default ReadOnlyAccess policy provides enough API access to enable Monitis to retrieve CloudWatch metrics from your AWS account.

Adding Amazon Account in Monitis

Login to your Monitis dashboard.

Go to the Monitors top menu and select Cloud Monitors->AWS CloudWatch.AES_CloudWatch

The Add AWS CloudWatch Monitor – Step 1/2 window will open.image010

Click Add Account.

The Add AWS Account pop-up will open.image011

Enter the credentials of the user with read-only permissions that you have just created in Amazon: the AWS access key ID and AWS secret access key.

Provide your AWS account ID (12-digit ID that you can look up under AWS Account Management).

Give a name to the AWS account that you want to integrate with Monitis. The name can be anything you choose.

Click Save when done.

Once the newly added account is successfully verified it will be added in the list.image012

You can add as many Amazon accounts in Monitis as you want.