Edit AWS Monitor’s Settings

You can change the metrics in your monitor from the monitor settings. Click the icon in the top rightmost corner of the monitor to open the context menu, and select Settings.image021
image022Click Edit Regions to change the AWS regions that you want us to retrieve metrics from.image023

Click Update Metrics to apply your new selection of regions and retrieve the metrics.

Here in Settings you have the same filters and controls as in the CloudWatch monitor set up wizard – filter by service, by tag and the text filter, and reset all filters. Use them as necessary to filter and select the metrics you want.

Keep in mind that when you remove a region the related metrics will be removed from the monitor: you will see respective message on the screen.


You can refresh the metrics at any time by clicking the Refresh button. Note that if a resource or service is no longer available in your AWS account the associated metrics will be removed (you will see the corresponding message).

Click Save when done.